The design of the building

Formal pre-application meetings have been held with the Planning and Design Officers at the City of Westminster and their helpful advice has been integrated into the design to ensure that the scheme is in keeping with the wider area, whilst maximising the economic contribution to the area.

Since our first pre-application meeting with the Council, the proposed design of the building and two-storey roof extension has evolved substantially. The changes include:

  • Increasing the internal space at roof level in order to provide screening for any additional building plant which tenants may need in the future
  • to reduce the massing and avoid cluttering at roof level, removing the goods lift and the lift to the west of the building
  • simplifying the mansard roof using sheet metal to ensure a high quality bronze design more in keeping with the enhanced design of the building
  • removing the proposed windows to the back of the two-storey roof extension (facing Artillery Mansions) to eliminate any light spillage

Evolving the design of the building

The proposal is for the demolition and rebuilding of the front of 10 Greycoat Place, a replacement fifth floor level and the addition of two subservient set back floors at levels six and seven to provide much needed additional office floorspace to meet the demands of the area.

The proposed high-quality replacement masonry façade fronting Greycoat Place will take strong influence to celebrate the history of the building and to better relate to its surviving contemporaries including the neighbouring Grade II listed Fire Station building.

Set behind the height of the existing parapet, the two additional storeys adopt the principles of a traditional mansard, whilst modern window details and materials create a building of recognisable character and delight.

Reducing the impact on neighbouring residents

The planning application will be submitted with detailed technical reports (such as sunlight & daylight and noise) to demonstrate that the surrounding neighbours will not be adversely affected by the proposed scheme.

Scale, height and massing has been a priority for the applicant team as the scheme has evolved following continuing pre-application discussions with the officers at the City of Westminster.

We have used a rigorous design process to test the various options for this site to ensure that the remodelling of 10 Greycoat Place will sit comfortably with its surrounding neighbours. The approach has included developing an innovative strategy for concealing the plant and machinery for the building. This will be located internally within the new mansard roof rather than mounting it externally on top of the roof. Concealing the plant within the building so that it is not visible promotes a continuous and high-quality frontage with an uncluttered and attractive building silhouette.

Existing plant at roof level
Proposed building with plant concealed at 6th floor level

In summary, our proposals include:

  • The replacement façade and restoration to the front of the building, using high quality materials which reflect the historical character of the area;
  • The complete refurbishment of the internal space to create flexible office spaces that celebrate the industrial interior of the Victorian warehouse;
  • Creation of a two-storey remodelling of the upper levels;
  • The creation of an additional 895sqm of office space;
  • A new restaurant and gym at ground floor level which will be available to local residents;
  • A car free and environmentally sustainable development with enhanced cycle facilities.