Our Design Principles

The building design strategy has been three-fold, incorporating the site, the building and the wider context. Sustainable development, good urban design and strong architectural detailing are the key principles of the proposal.

The form, scale and mass of the scheme ensures the integration and interconnection of the remodelled building, creating a sense of place and a sustainable destination.

Through the quality of the architecture, its form and spatial arrangement promotes a strong integration into the established residential and business communities of the area whilst reflecting the retail and office needs for Westminster.

The remodelling of 10 Greycoat Place has been designed to allow the building layout, form and elevation approach to respond to the influencing site factors and brief requirements. The scale and proportion of the proposed intervention respect the layout of the existing principal buildings that surround the site and the external spaces which they enclose.

The design team has meticulously digested and responded to a detailed townscape assessment to produce a well-considered, refined, and contextual design.

The proposed mixed-use development has balanced viability and the necessary space by adopting the highest quality of architectural and urban principle united in harmony and respect for the fabric of the immediate area.

The simplistic shape of the upper levels of the remodelled building has been conceived through the consideration of many conditions both immediate and in the wider neighbourhood perspective

Proposed building