Key considerations

Prior to preparing any proposals, the design team have undertaken extensive research and technical assessments into the surrounding area and neighbouring properties to fully understand the context to ensure that any emerging proposals are able to mitigate any potential impacts.

Recapturing the history of the building

The existing fabric of the building will be largely retained, however, the proposed architectural appearance will be reinvented, seeking to reference and take influence from the original 1899 façade and other historical features and by using modern interpretations.

The proposals will adopt a high quality masonry elevation with circular and oval motifs and rich elegant brick details as an ode to the Sir Reginald Blomfield original to become a recognisable and characterful addition to Greycoat Place.

Respecting the character of the area

The project team understands the important historical and varied character of the wider area, and we are mindful that 10 Greycoat Place is close to a number of conversation areas and listed buildings, including the neighbouring Grade II listed Fire Station which itself is currently under significant transition.

Acknowledging the quality of the area, the reinvention of the building is without compromise in its approach to the highest quality of architectural design and materiality.

Working with our neighbours

From the outset, the design team has been sensitive to the proximity of residents living in the surrounding buildings and those working within the area.

The proposals have carefully considered the potential impact of any emerging proposals in terms of height, overlooking and sunlight and daylight. As the scheme continues to evolve and following helpful feedback from planning officers from Westminster City Council throughout the ongoing pre-application process, the design has adopted the following changes and we welcome further comments:

  • Strongly reaffirming the existing parapet fronting Greycoat Place;
  • Creating greater subservience between the existing building and the setback upper floors from the 5th-floor and constructing within the historic covenant envelope;
  • The omission of any windows facing Artillery Mansions;
  • Alterations to the front of the building to ensure asymmetrical windows to both the east and west features;
  • The fifth-floor façade is to be retained and refaced in brick to ensure greater consistency with lower floors;
  • Future proofing the design and roof level features to minimise any external plant;

The design team will continue to work closely with residents and businesses during the public consultation to develop the design. This collaborative approach will continue should planning permission be granted and throughout the construction process. GMG will work closely with the residents of Artillery Mansions during the public consultation and will continue to do so if planning permission is granted and throughout the construction process.

Revitalising the building

The existing building is outdated and in need of investment to improve the ‘look and feel’ of the area and to revitalise its contribution to the local economy.

At present the building is made up of around 8,000sqm of office space and includes commercial units on the ground floor, including a café and a letting office. The proposal will greatly increase the level of office space to meet local demand in line with Policy S20 of the Westminster City Plan, which calls for new office space to be delivered in the Core Central Activities Zone. (Victoria, Paddington, Tottenham Court Road).

At ground floor level, the proposals will provide a new high-quality retail environment with enhanced active frontages, a restaurant and gym. The proposals will greatly improve the pedestrian experience at street level, offering new leisure, retail and restaurant uses to be enjoyed by the local community.