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We do hope that you are able to find the answer to your questions within this website. However, we are keen to ensure that residents have the available mechanisms to ask questions of the project team. We have produced a detailed Frequently Asked Questions, which seek to identify and address possible questions from residents. If you are unable to find an answer to your question below, please use the Q&A function at the bottom of this page and a member of the project team will try to get back to you within 24 hours. The Frequently Asked Questions will be updated daily to account for questions we receive from residents.

What are you planning to do here?

GMG intends to submit a full planning application on behalf of Victoria Spaces UK to renew the front of the building which was rendered in the 1960’s with a modern brickwork interpretation of the original Victorian design.

GMG also plan to remove the existing dilapidated roof-top plant rooms and to provide a new two-storey roof level extension for office use and a new terrace area. At the ground floor, we are proposing to deliver a retail unit and gym, and to re-provide an enlarged restaurant. Our proposals will add additional capacity to the existing building as well as ensure it improves the ‘look and feel’ of the area. Our proposals will create additional jobs and maximise its contribution to the local economy.

Will the proposals for 10 Greycoat Place have an impact on the surrounding listed buildings?

The project team understands the important character of the wider area, and we are mindful that 10 Greycoat Place is located close to a number of conservation areas and listed buildings. As such, the proposals have evolved to be design led, using materials that will respect and enhance the existing character of the area.

We propose to use a brick elevation to the street which helps to re-establish the features of the original warehouse, which was once common in the area.

We are committed to engaging fully with the residents of Artillery Mansions given the proximity of Greycoat Place to the building and the wider community. This will be achieved through online and through other remote methods.

Will this redevelopment generate more traffic locally?

No. The proposals will deliver a sustainable car-free development which will include the provision of high quality and secure cycle storage, encouraging more active travel for those using the building.

How will the building be serviced?

The existing service yard area will be retained.

How much taller will the proposed refurbished building be? Will this impact the views of neighbouring buildings?

GMG is proposing a two-storey roof extension to the current development. This will allow us to maximise the economic efficiency of the building and provide additional capacity.

We appreciate that residents of neighbouring and adjacent properties could be concerned that any additional height could result in a loss of sunlight or light spillage. As part of this application, we will conduct a full Daylight/Sunlight Assessment which will be submitted with the planning application. GMG is also committed to meeting with residents of Artillery Mansions to discuss these issues with them in more detail.

When will you be submitting this application?

We anticipate that we will be submitting an application to Westminster City Council later this summer.

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